What I love about raw food is its fundamental principle that living food promotes life. Raw food is loaded with enzymes. Enzymes are the life force in your food and body. Enzymes play a vitally important role in your overall health but did you know that it also works as a natural anti-aging process and that it causes your skin to glow? Raw fruit and plant food also provide a ton of energy because their chemical makeup isn’t altered by the cooking process. Read on if you are excited to learn about how you can improve your health on a high raw food diet.

Eat a large fruit meal

Often fruit is treated as a snack and although it is amazing if you eat some fruit in between, it is even better to eat fruit as a meal. Fruit is loaded with enzymes, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. The high sugar content of fruit is especially good for you. Unrefined sugar from fruit and plant food is not to be compared to refined sugar. Unfortunately, the myth that all sugar is equal goes around for way too long and does more damage than good. Every day should include plenty of water-rich ripe fruit. Sugar up!

Eat a salad every day

Leafy greens are, just like fruit, essential for optimal health. Their nutrient density is unbeaten. Leafy greens are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants that support overall health and well-being. They contribute to improved digestion, immune function, and cardiovascular health, while also promoting healthy skin and reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Incorporating a variety of fresh leafy greens into your daily meals ensures a diverse range of nutrients that are vital for optimal bodily functions and long-term vitality. Make it yourself easy and enjoy every day a loaded salad.

Make your own dressings

Creating your own dressings to pour on top of your scrumptious salads is simple and delicious. Using ingredients like lemon juice, tahini, herbs, and spices, you can easily whip up a delicious dressing. Not only does this help you to control the ingredients and reduce unnecessary fats, but it also enhances the natural taste of leafy greens, making for a perfect meal that’s both healthy and enjoyable.

Invest in a high-quality juicer

Investing in a high-quality cold press juicer is a significant step towards gaining and maintaining vibrant health. Cold pressing preserves more nutrients and enzymes in fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables compared to traditional juicing methods, ensuring you get maximum nutritional benefits. It’s a fun and creative way to experiment with various fruits, greens, veggies, and combinations, resulting in delicious, nutrient-rich juices that boost your energy, strengthen your immune system, and support overall wellness. The joy of creating your own fresh, vibrant juices at home is unmatched, making it a rewarding investment for your health and lifestyle. If you want to discover which juicers are some of the best on the market today, then check out the equipment and resource page. (PS You’ll also find discount codes here).

Enjoy a cuisine meal

Enjoying a high raw fruit and plant food diet because a total breeze when you discover how easy it is to make your own wraps, flatbread, bagels, crackers, and bread, to name a few. The best thing about making your own is that you know exactly what ingredients are in your food. Not to mention that it is also more economical and you can batch-create such deliciousness for extra ease and to save time. Bestseller Raw Food Feast is here to help you on your way to learning to make healthy, scrumptious, and funky living food recipes that enhance vibrant health.


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