There are many reasons why it is a good idea to embrace a high-raw fruit and plant food lifestyle. The benefits are through the roof but here are 5 of them that can easily become some of your favorite reasons to enjoy more raw fruit and plant food in your day-to-day.

Full force energy

Raw fruit and plant food is energizing to the body. It both gives and saves energy. Fruit and plant foods are easily digested by the body and fuel the cells with living enzymes and leave all nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, intact. It’s a win-win situation. The more living foods you enjoy, the more energy you’ll get.

Strong immunity

When meals consist mainly of cooked foods, it causes digestive leukocytosis, meaning that the body responds to it as a foreign organism. Making sure meals consist of living food will prevent this burden on the immune system. Just so you know, I do not think that some cooked wholefood plant food is toxic but it is important that you understand that living fruit and plant food should be your number one go-to if you care about strong immunity and thus vibrant health.

Glow baby, glow!

Ever glowing, healthy skin and hair. Yup, you heard that right, and no special shampoo or conditioners are needed. Did you know that Ann Wigmore, co-founder of the Hippocrates Institute, reversed her gray hair back to her natural hair color through a raw food diet that consisted mainly of fruit, leafy greens, and sprouts? Fueling your cells with plenty of nutrients keeps you young in body, soul, and spirit. If you haven’t discovered the wonderful sprouting world yet, I hope this will encourage you to dive into it and start sprouting at home. It is so easy and fun. Before you know it, you are a sprouting master and you’re teaching others how to go about it.

Inner calm and peacefulness

Burned-out adrenal glands can make us feel jacked up, anxious, depressed, down, and/or restless. A high-protein diet is what messes with your beautiful kidneys and negatively influences your ever-so-important adrenal glands, the masters of the kidneys. Eating lots of ripe water-rich fruit and fresh leafy greens regenerates your cells. Indeed, you can restore the lack of calm by embracing a high-raw fruit and plant food lifestyle. And if you happen to sip coffee daily, then this is a beautiful opportunity to swap this with fresh pressed juices from now on. You’ll get the best hydration on a cellular level, a 100% absorption of the juice’s nutrients, and it’s o so delish!

Sleep like an angel

Deep sleep and no dips during any given part of the day might sound like a dream but it actually is one of the many benefits when you eat according to how God created your body to function. You can wake up every morning feeling completely rested and rejuvenated. That infamous dip around 3 or 4 PM so many people complain about will belong to the past once you start to eat according to your species, which is a ripe water-rich fruit and fresh leafy greens food diet.

Love and vibrant health,


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