Gladly, we hear more and more about the importance of gut health. The strength of your gut microbiome has a massive impact on your total well-being. Of course, eating healthy food is of utmost importance. However, if your body isn’t absorbing the nutrients as it should, you can eat all the healthy food in the world and still experience nutrient deficiencies. The body has four basic processes that make all the difference whether you are simply eating or actually absorbing your food thus feeding your cells.

The four basic processes

The body has four basic processes that are crucial for the use of nutrients. When these processes aren’t working optimally, all sorts of issues can arise, for example, malabsorption. It might not sound like a first-world problem, but actually, it is. Many, if not most, people who live in developed countries struggle with malabsorption.


Digestion ensures that our food is processed so that the body has the energy that it needs to function well. Digestion starts in the mouth. By chewing a substance, called amylase is released that sends a signal to the brain that food is on its way.

Next, a signal is sent from the brain to the stomach to prepare to process the food. If food is not broken down properly, whether caused by a weak pancreas, an under-functioning gastrointestinal tract, or improper food combinations, fermentation can occur in the body with gas formation and/or bloating as a result. Fixing a disturbed digestive system is key to creating a flourishing gut microbiome. Plus you can say goodbye to the bloat. #byebyebloat.

Fixing a disturbed digestive system is key to creating a flourishing gut microbiome.


Once the food is broken down you are supposed to absorb (ingest) these building materials. These components are carried to the cells via the bloodstream for energy, stimulation, and repair or stored for future use. Naturally, the absorption of nutrients is a simple process. That is when the colon is working as it’s supposed to. Unfortunately, many people do not absorb their food as it’s meant to. Often caused by improper diet, but also through food combinations, for example. If the large intestine cannot function optimally due to mucus plaque, absorption is hindered or does not go as smoothly as it is should.

Mucus plaque, a sticky glue-like layer, which develops in the gastrointestinal tract, is created by gluten, mucus, foreign proteins, and other food by-products. The consumption of refined sugars, meats, dairy products, and grains is mainly responsible for this sticky layer preventing proper absorption.

In part 2 we’ll dive into two more processes that assist optimal gut health when working properly. If you are reading this and think: hey, that’s me. No worries, your body is the best and most incredible self-healing system that exists on this planet. If you start to give your body what it needs and omit what harms then, over time, your body will start to regenerate. Your body is always busy to make it work the best it can. Your body just needs your gentle help to enable it to do so.

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