Recently, we looked at two of the four basic processes: digestion and absorption. We learned that the body has four basic processes that make all the difference whether you are simply eating or actually absorbing your food thus feeding your cells. And when these processes aren’t working optimally, all sorts of issues can arise, for example, malabsorption. We’ll focus in this article on the other two processes: utilization, and elimination.


Food must be transported to our cells to be utilized. The circulatory system and the vascular system together make up the transport system. They are responsible for transporting blood and exchanging gases, nutrients, and fluids.

The importance of acid and base comes into play during the utilization process. When your body is acidic, food becomes anionic. It means that food will solidify. In other words, your building materials will stick or clump together.

Acidification produces heat and causes inflammation in the walls of the vascular system and throughout the rest of our body. Lipids (fats) begin to stick to the walls of the vessels to buffer this inflammation. But this binding of lipids also causes lipid stones.
Cholesterol is the most common anti-inflammatory lipid the body uses to fight this type of inflammation. When the tissues are acidified and thus inflamed, the liver will produce more cholesterol to fight this. It, in turn, causes blood cholesterol levels to rise. Minerals also bind and form ‘rocky’ stones known as kidney stones and harden around the joints.


What goes in must come out again. Well, for the most part. You can think of your mouth and teeth as a blender. Good chewing breaks up food so that the digestive system can process the nutrients as well as possible. Chewing well is crucial for all four basic processes. Using your mouth and teeth properly ensures no undigested food is present in your stool.

Proper elimination means that you have a stool after a meal, urinate regularly, sweat easily, and breathe freely. However, for most people, it often takes a day, or days, before they excrete waste from a meal. It is due to the disruption of the functioning of the four basic processes. Most commonly caused by an improper diet. However, other things also cause this issue, like medicine use and other toxic materials.

Whether you experience to a lesser or greater degree that these processes do not work optimally, you can restore the working of these four basic processes. The body is impressive because it is ever-cleansing and restoring. Remember, health is just a step away. The question is, are we prepared to do what it takes to become healthy? I hope you are. You are worth it.

Steps to restore the four basic processes

There are different ways to heal and/or improve these essential basic processes. An amazing way to get your body to cleanse and heal up is by ditching the use of animal products. Especially dairy is very mucus-forming and acidic to the body. Also, the body needs a lot of energy to digest animal products.

Through a high raw food diet and proper food combinations, you can assist your body to restore the four basic processes. Eat plenty of ripe water-rich fruit, make salads, enjoy smoothie bowls, sip on fresh pressed juices, and include herbs such as cilantro and parsley. Herbs are powerful and assist the body to detoxify.
I created a free ebook with 10 (!) dressing recipes that make any salad top-notch to help you on your way to include more raw fruit and plant food.

“Through a high raw food diet and proper food combinations, you can assist your body to restore the four basic processes.”

One of my favorite ways to help the body on its healing journey is through juicing. If you approach a juice feast effectively and wisely then you can experience breakthroughs in body, soul, and spirit. Click here to read an article that explains how to approach a juice feast successfully.

Whether you are up for a juice feast or not, I do hope you’re ready to start to include fresh pressed juices in your daily lifestyle and to enjoy at least a 32 oz/1 liter of leafy green juice a day. Juices cause this amazing win-win situation: they give the body energy and at the same time they save the body energy. The thing is, juices go rapidly into the bloodstream to be transported to your beautiful cells. Your digestive system gets a sweet little break and your body gets this amazing energy boost plus a ton of nutrients. There is simply no better way to fuel your cells with essential nutrients than juices do.

If you do not own a juicer yet, then I highly recommend getting a quality juicer. Personally, I like the Hurom H320N a lot. I love it for all sorts of reasons: it is very easy to use and clean, it creates the best quality juice I could wish for, and it still tastes great at the end of the day. If you also want to get your hands on this beauty then simply enter code rawfoodfeast upon checkout for some juicy discount + a FREE gift!

No matter what way you choose to start working on assisting your body to heal/improve the four basic processes, be patient and gentle with your body, soul, and spirit. It has taken years for your body to come to the place where it is at. It takes time to regenerate.
Remember, if you want to change your lifestyle, you need to start doing things differently. Doing things the same way gives the same results.

Love and vibrant health,


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