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Implement Five Small Changes That Have a Big Impact On Your Health

This platform, Raw Food Feast, is all about helping you to embrace a holistic approach to vibrant health. Holistic health means health in body, soul, and spirit. If you’re thriving in body, soul, and spirit, nothing can stop you from chasing your God-given dreams.

And you know what? Becoming healthy in body, soul, and spirit isn’t all about making huge lifestyle changes. Implementing small changes can have a big impact on your overall health too! Let’s explore five small changes that can have a big impact on your health.

Eat more raw and hydrating food

Eating more raw and hydrating food has such a beautiful impact on your health. Many products labeled as ‘food’ are dehydrating the body. It is so important for your body to be fully hydrated every single day because only then can your organs work optimally. Hydration enables the body to flush out toxins quickly, your lymph and blood system can work properly, and your kidneys are able to function well, to name a few.

Living whole foods are full of unaltered vitamins and minerals that are essential to vibrant health. You don’t need to go 100% raw to see results. You can make simple changes such as implementing one 32 oz/1 liter of leafy green juice and a smoothie (bowl) a day. If you want to set yourself up for success, then also enjoy lots of ripe water-rich fruit during the morning until lunch to hydrate your body and fuel your body with lots of carbs it so desperately needs to thrive.

Move your body

We all know how important movement is for our body, however, most of us don’t get enough exercise in a day. Exercising has a tremendous effect on your health. Start with walking every morning for 30 minutes and repeat it after dinner time again. Got a family? Go together. It will help everybody sleep better too!

Soak up the sunshine in nature

Sunshine is so so good for you. Unfortunately, the sun has gotten a bad rep over the years. To enjoy vibrant health it is vitally important to expose your body to plenty of sunshine. Did you know a healthy body, thus alkaline (except for the stomach), won’t get easily burned by the sun? You only get burned if you ignore the body’s signals that you’ve been in the sun for too long. Sunscreen suppresses your body’s signals telling you that you need to find some shade. And most sunscreens are loaded with toxic ingredients that are harmful.

Expose yourself to plenty of sunshine, especially in the months when the sun is showing all its glory. When your body tells you it is enough, act upon it, and find some shade or go inside. A perfect way to enjoy the sunshine is by spending time in nature. Go for a walk, bring some delicious food and a plaid along, find a nice spot, and enjoy nature’s best.

Rest and get enough sleep

In today’s world, so many of us are busy and feel occupied most of the time. If you feel you are not getting enough rest, then start scheduling your rest. Yes, actually plan it. View your moments of rest as an essential part of your journey to vibrant health because that’s what they are. The same goes for getting enough sleep. Your body and soul need time to reset and replenish. Go to bed a bit earlier than you’re used to. Even if you’re not tired. Just laying down will bring you into a relaxing mode. You’ll notice that after a while your body will be able to sleep sooner and better.

Spend time with God

Our very existence flows from the Creator. He loves you so very much. If you spend time with God, every day you’ll become more and more the person you are destined to be. This can look like going for a walk and talking to Him, sitting down in a field of flowers with a journal and writing down your thoughts and prayers, or listening to beautiful soaking music while enjoying His presence. If you have never talked to God before, just know that you can and that His heart is all for you. Close your eyes and ask Him how much He loves you. He loves to talk and be with you.

Love and vibrant health,


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