If you want a deeper dive into the beautiful world of healthy whole fruit and plant food recipes or you simply want more scrumptious recipes to let your teeth sink in, you’ve come to the right place.

Including more raw food in your day-to-day is a beautiful way to get fresh, living, and vibrant food into your body. Raw food is loaded with tons of goodness, such as enzymes (the life force of food), amino acids, vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber.

I get messages from people all over the world telling me what a positive effect raw food has had on them. Especially the energy and glowing skin they have gained is something that amazes them. No wonder, because it’s truly food that is alive.

You know what, there’s a reason why so many retreats use raw food and juicing as their food of choice. It’s because it is so incredibly healthy and healing. The good news is that you don’t need to spend a ton of money going to a retreat (although what a blessing it is to attend one…), you can make such delicious meals in your own kitchen too!

Whether you go for Raw Food Feast, Raw Food Immersion, or both, all the recipes come with simple, clear instructions, making them foolproof.

Raw Food Feast

Raw Food Feast is here to bring more soul into your life with 60 healthy, scrumptious, and funky recipes. Get ready to give your tastebuds the party of a lifetime!

Everything your heart and a good party desires are at your fingertips, such as soups, salads, small bites, bagels, wraps, bowls, sweets, and much more!

To get your party started, you’ll first dive into the benefits of living foods, ways to speed up the dehydration process and save money in the meantime, and useful information and tips on how to create the recipes.

Next, you will find all the vibrant and showstopping deliciousness. The recipes are raw, vegan, low-fat, gluten- and soy-free, full of love, and a whole lotta soul!

Praise for Raw Food Feast

“As a plant-based chef with my greatest passion being raw cuisine, Mirjam’s book, Raw Food Feast is incredibly appealing to me, with a lovely range of globally inspired recipes that are also thoughtfully curated to provide optimum health and nutrition.  For anyone wishing to enjoy food while also doing wonderful work for their longevity, wellness, and the planet, I highly recommend it!?

Matthew Kenney


“I have spent many years of my life teaching the importance of a raw food diet to health, and Raw Food Feast is a must-have book for finding fun, healthy, exciting raw food recipes to enjoy. There are so many great recipes in this book, for everyone from a seasoned raw food enthusiast to a beginner who is just starting on their journey! I always tell people to make health a passion and keep it fun and exciting, and these recipes are a great example of how much fun you can have on a raw food lifestyle! Be love and enjoy the journey!”

Dr. Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., M.H.,

Author of The Detox Miracle Source Book

“I own a phenomenal number of books on raw food. You’d be shocked. Now, I am thrilled to add Raw Food Feast to my collection. Mirjam has gone completely over the top with her new book. Rich with detail, filled with brilliant food photography, loaded with health and nutrition information, and so many creative recipes; Mirjam put her full energy into Raw Food Feast and did not hold back at all. This is definitely a book you will want to be able to refer to.”

Dr. Douglas N. Graham

Bestselling author of The 80/10/10 Diet

“As a raw vegan since 1994, I look only for the best raw food resources. I love Mirjam Henzen’s beautifully designed raw food health and recipe book Raw Food Feast. Mirjam knows what our bodies need to thrive, which is clearly seen in this collection of colorful, delicious recipes that will make the raw vegan lifestyle easy and successful for everyone.”

Karen Ranzi M.A.

Award-Winning author of Creating Healthy Children:: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods

“Mirjam Henzen has created a beautiful masterpiece for anyone interested in vibrant, living cuisine. Her strong nutrition background translates over into Raw Food Feast and her recipes. I know the importance of having access to the nutritional information behind a raw food diet so that you can do it properly, and Mirjam has done an excellent job of explaining this in Raw Food Feast. All the tips she provides at the beginning of the book are invaluable and will have you executing her recipes with ease. The recipes are simple without compromising flavor; even if you have never made raw foods before you will have no problem making these! I also love her spin on the recipe and chapter names; they are so creative and get you excited to dive into the recipes. Congratulations on this beautiful book Mirjam! Anyone who is interested in adopting more living foods into their life needs this book; you will love her mouth-watering recipes.”

Crystal Bonnet

Creator of Crystal Dawn Culinary and author of The Art of Raw Desserts

Raw Food Immersion

You’re drawn to raw food but don’t know where to start? Then Raw Food Immersion is the one you want to get your hands on first.

  • Topics covered are the sugar and fat myth, the health benefits of leafy green smoothies, the truth about health, how to find your why, how to deal with social gatherings, and more!
  • One of the important things you’ll learn is how to amp up your nutrient intake. A great and easy way is through the use of sea moss gel. A gem from the sea. I’ll also share how you can make your own gel while saving a lot of money doing so
  • Enjoy delicious oil and salt-free recipes, such as Dan Dan noodles, green goodness burritos, and carob paradise
  • Unlock tips, hacks, and affirmations to successfully embrace healthy habits
  • Minimal kitchen tools are needed and no dehydrator is required
  • A 7-day meal planner and shopping list are included