Your immune system deserves your full attention year-round. A weakened immune system will not protect you fully against pathogens, toxins, and chemicals, to which you are exposed every day.

The strength of your immune system is determined by the state of health of your lymphatic system and the gut microbiome. Your lymphatic system and gut are closely connected and together make up your immune system.

“Your lymphatic system and gut make up your immune system”

Gladly, we hear more and more about the importance of a healthy gut microbiome. The lymphatic system, however, is still largely overlooked. It’s odd as the lymphatic system is not only your immune system but also a crucial and massive elimination system. The lymphatic system is working day and night on your well-being.

A Closer Look At The Lymphatic System

Let’s have a closer look at the lymphatic system. Your body has two fluid systems: blood and lymph. Your body contains about 70-80% lymph fluid and only about 20-30% blood. We hear a lot about the cardiovascular system (blood system) and blood tests to determine health and issues. It is common for blood tests to come back looking all good as if nothing is the matter. However, in reality, the individual is experiencing pain, issues, and poor health. People are being told that nothing could be found, and that is that. The thing is that the state of your blood does not reveal the state of your lymphatic system.

Your lymph fluid flushes out waste and toxins through eliminative organs, such as your kidneys, colon, and skin. Poor diet choices, a weak gut microbiome, and all sorts of toxic influences cause the lymphatic system to become congested and stagnant. The result is that mucus and acids are formed, and so-called diseases are born.

Making lasting lifestyle changes will help both the lymphatic system and the colon to get rid of mucus, acids, and toxins. Remember, diet is the most crucial key to vibrant and lasting health.

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