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Why people fail to transition successfully to a raw food lifestyle

Raw is law. It is a much-heard phrase in some parts of the raw food community. At the same time, it is pretty common for people to struggle with their (new-found) raw food diet. Let’s find out if these two things are related.

Gray is okay

The world might seem black and white but once you discover and accept that there is actually a lot of gray as well, you can truly change your life for the better. As said, in certain parts of the raw food community, ‘raw is law’ is a commonly heard phrase. Gladly, more and more raw foodies have distanced themselves from this phrase because they’ve learned over time that it’s not as black and white as they thought it was. Is raw food incredibly good for you? Heck yes! Living foods provide your body with unaltered enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber. It is vitally important that you fuel your body with lots of raw fruit and plant food every single day. However, if you enjoy some wholefood cooked meals here and there, that’s okay.

Self-love is key

Gladly, more and more beautiful souls discover the power of a fruit and plant lifestyle and raw food’s importance. The best thing about this healthy lifestyle is that you can live in a place of abundance. Having said that, quite a number of raw foodies struggle with their new-found diet. And there are plenty of long-term raw foodies that face issues too. It’s usually caused by an all-or-nothing mindset and a lack of solid knowledge on how to enjoy a raw food diet successfully. This all-or-nothing mindset, usually followed by cycles of shame and guilt, must make way for happy and healthy thoughts about oneself through self-love and acceptance, and factual information on nutrition as its foundation, leading to food freedom.

Body, soul, and spirit

Food freedom is about freedom in body, soul, and spirit. Our body, soul, and spirit work together. When you learn to nourish these three parts in the way you are supposed to, you achieve health in a balanced way. Life is all about balance. When it comes to health, balance doesn’t mean 50/50 but it means understanding what nutrition does to your body and how the body works and then applying that knowledge to your day-to-day. It means understanding your personal emotional world and learning to set boundaries that make you feel safe and loved. It means understanding that you are a spirit who feels, sees, and knows things because of the way God created you to be.

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