It is easier than it ever has been to immerse yourself in information about healthy living. The problem with this wealth of data is the many different views and opinions on this topic.

Let’s explore why raw food is essential for your health. There is much to say about this topic, and I cannot possibly fit it all into one article. Also, not in a couple. However, I will share my two pennies in this series of why raw food is essential for your health.

The law of nature

We should check what nature shows us to discover what health truly is. In the animal-kingdom animals eat everything in their natural state, for example. They know what foods to eat and what things to leave untouched. Instinctively they know that not everything found in nature is meant for their species. When they feel sick, they rest and fast until their bodies are healed again.

I believe that we, humans, also instinctively know what our needs are, but that our ability is dimmed because we have strayed away from the law of nature that empowers our receptors or antennas, so to speak.

Over time we have created many tools and processes that enable us to get creative with foods like fruit, greens, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and seaweeds. The downside is that we have also made inedible things edible. Plus, we are eating animals and their products on a large scale. This way of eating is causing all sorts of troublesome symptoms like digestive issues, burned-out adrenal glands, and kidneys that do not filter well, to name a few. All of which can result in poor health. In short: we have strayed far from our nature and the way we should consume foods in general.

The next time we will talk about the protein myth and the importance of alkalinity.

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