Last time we talked about how we have strayed from the law of nature and the impact this messed-up basic fundamental has on our well-being. This time we dive into the protein myth and the importance of alkalinity.

Debunking the protein myth

Our beautiful foods, such as ripe water-rich fruit and fresh leafy greens, are full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber, and enzymes. We all know that we need plenty of vitamins and minerals to be healthy. Unfortunately, there is also misinformation out in the world that we need lots of protein every day. It is not the case. What we do need are amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Now you might think, is that not the same? It is not. Our body is not capable of using proteins right away. Plus, an overload of proteins is harming our health. When we consume lots of proteins, especially those found in animal products and beans, our body needs to work hard to break down all these proteins into amino acids first. Next, these amino acids will be changed into proteins the body can use.

“Protein are hars on the kidneys, are mucus-forming, and leave behind acid ash.”

This process puts a massive strain on our digestive system. Proteins are harsh on the kidneys, are mucus-forming, and leave behind acid ash. The ash is the residue left in the body from the food or product we have consumed. When it leaves acid ash, it means it has an acidic effect on the cells of your beautiful body.

Alkalinity for the win

Your body exists out of two fluids (the lymphatic and blood system) and a whole bunch of cells. Those cells make up your beautiful digestive system, kidneys, adrenal glands, and so on. The overall state of your body should be alkaline. Unfortunately, most bodies are overly acidic, which causes all sorts of trouble that the medical world labels as diseases.

The truth is that symptoms from ailments and diseases are expressions of the body calling for help. Your body is communicating that its environment has become acidic and therefore unhealthy. It craves the food it was designed for and not some pill, injection, or treatment. Our bodies need and thrive on raw fruit and plant food because of their alkalinity.

Next time we’ll talk about the role of fiber and enzymes.

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