In this series ‘Why Raw Food Is Essential For Your Health’, we’ve talked about quite a few things already: how we have strayed from the law of nature, how we are accustomed to believing that we need protein in high quantities, and the importance of fueling ourselves with alkaline foods, such as ripe fruit and fresh leafy greens.

This time we dive into the world of fiber and enzymes. If there is one thing you need to know, it’s that fiber and enzymes are two of the most important ingredients to get you on the path to vibrant health. By the end of this article will you see once again why including enough raw food in your day-to-day is essential for your health.

Fuel your gut

Fiber is a crucial factor in vibrant health. The importance of fiber has been ignored for far too long. Gladly, it seems there is a rising interest in the role of fiber and its great benefits.

Fiber is fuel to your gut microbiome. Your gut plays a vital role in your overall health, as a massive part of your immune system will weaken or strengthen by the condition of your gut microbiome. Animal products are void of any fiber whatsoever. We need fiber desperately every single day. Most people lack the daily-needed amount of fiber in their diet, resulting in a weak gut microbiome.

One of its results is that the gut cannot fight off the simplest bacteria and/or viruses that can form a threat to their health. Raw foods like ripe fruit, leafy greens, fresh veggies, and crisp sprouts are full of fiber. By daily consuming predominantly raw fruit and plant food, you feed your gut every day with the fiber it needs.

The life force

Raw fruit and plant foods are full of enzymes. Enzymes are the life force in our food and bodies. When we heat food at high temperatures, the enzymes are destroyed, and partially the nutrients are too.

Dr. Edward Howell, born in 1898, was the first scientist to discover the importance of enzymes and says, “When we are young our normal ability to produce enzymes internally promotes rapid growth and in most cases prevents serious illness. But as we age, our internal enzymes become depleted. Unless we do something to stop their one-way flow out of the body our digestive and eliminative capacities weaken; this can lead to acute health complaints, obesity, and chronic illnesses.”

It is clear that enzymes are of utmost importance for vibrant health and that cooking food is one of the factors that can be detrimental to our well-being. In the next article, we’ll tackle the question ‘to cook or not to cook?’. Because is cooking really all that bad or is there more to this subject?

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