In the previous article in the series ‘Why Raw Food Is Essential For Your Health’ we learned about the crucial roles that fiber and enzymes play in vibrant health. In this last part of this series, we’ll tackle the question ‘To cook or not to cook?’

Well, let me start off by saying that I do not think that all cooked whole-plant foods are poisonous or harmful. I actually think that a high-raw fruit and plant food diet is also a great option, meaning enjoying about 80% raw food and 20% lightly cooked/steamed food, such as quinoa and certain (root)veggies.
Don’t get me wrong here, I am all for enjoying a fully raw fruit and plant food diet. But only when it’s done out of love, knowledge, and a healthy mindset. The fact is that many raw foodies struggle with a fully raw food diet and actually are harming their health by living with a restrictive mindset and depriving their bodies of the much-needed nutrients they need to thrive. Health freedom for the win. Now and forevermore. Having said that, I am convinced that we should consume most of our daily food in its natural raw state because of its health benefits. Read on to learn how our immune system responds to a diet that consists mostly of cooked food.

To cook or not to cook?

Paul Kouchakoff, a Swiss doctor, led a profound study on the direct effect of cooking food on the immune system. He discovered that white blood cells mobilize and increase, as an immune response, when we digest cooked food. Raw fruit and plant foods fail to cause this immune response, called digestive leukocytosis, and can prevent cooked foods from creating such a response when eaten together. By digesting more than 51% cooked foods your body responds to it as a foreign organism. It puts an unnecessary burden on the immune system. If you choose to eat cooked food, it is smart to do so in combination with raw food to prevent this unwanted reaction in the body.

If you want to unlock the path to vibrant health your diet should consist primarily of ripe fruits and leafy greens. Fresh veggies, crisp sprouts, salty seaweeds, and healthy fats from avocados, coconuts, seeds, and nuts are perfect add-ons.

If you choose to eat cooked food, it is smart to do so in combination with raw food to prevent this unwanted immune system reaction.

Embrace a healthy lifestyle

These facts about nutrition, and its effect on the body, are plenty of reasons to embrace a high or fully raw fruit and plant food lifestyle. But there is more goodness to it!

What do you think about increased energy, an improved sleeping pattern, razor-sharp focus/concentration, glowing skin, a powerful immune system, perfect natural weight, strong bones and teeth, a happy digestive system, shiny hair, clean body odor, ever-improving health, and a youthful appearance?!

I think that all of these reasons are great motivators to embrace a truly healthy lifestyle and something we owe to ourselves and the world. We can take good care of other people, animals, and our environment when we first treat ourselves with the love and respect we deserve.

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Love and vibrant health to you,


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