If the world only knew how incredible sugar is! Now, you might think, “Hold on, my whole life I’ve been told that sugar is bad for me and to stay far away from it.” Well, you know what? I could not disagree more. If you want to gain and maintain vibrant health, feasting on sugar is the way to go. Let’s get the facts straight because not all sugar is created equal.

Sugar is fuel

Usually, when people talk about sugar they do not differentiate between refined and unrefined sugar. This is the first error because there is a huge difference between the two.

Refined sugar wreaks havoc on your health. It wrecks your metabolism, ruins your skin, puts a massive strain on your adrenal glands, which causes anxiety and depression in the long run, and your endocrine system (hormones) will be in shambles.

Unrefined sugar from ripe fruit and fresh plant food is your natural fuel. It is perfect and beneficial for you and essential for energy production for your cells. You are made for it. Your cells thrive on it. Your cells cannot live without it.

It is mind-boggling how far we have strayed away from the garden of Eden. Ripe fruit and leafy greens should be your number one choice of food. You need sugar in abundance.

Fruit is not just a snack and should not be treated solely as one. Fruit can also be enjoyed as a proper meal. Your body functions mainly on sugar. Despite the fact that your body thrives on sugar, the fear of fruit has turned wild.

For the love of sugar

One way to amp up your intake of those much-needed sugars is by enjoying fresh-pressed juices and delicious smoothies. Besides providing amazing nutritional value, juices and smoothies also hydrate your body properly. A well-hydrated body supports the flow of your blood- and lymphatic system.

The more fruit you enjoy the more alkaline your body becomes. An alkaline body is able to detoxify properly, meaning it allows the cells to dump their waste and toxins into the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system in turn expels this waste majorly through the kidneys and colon. When the body functions perfectly, you enjoy vibrant health.

Click here for a delicious smoothie recipe to get started right away.

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