Hi, I’m Mirjam

Founder of Raw Food Feast

From a young age, the world of vibrant health drew my attention. It resulted in me embarking on a home study on dietetics at the age of sixteen. A few years later, I discovered the art of detoxification, which has since become a common thread in my life.

I knew that I knew: detoxification is (the) key. This realization led to a deep desire to learn more about healthy living. Regularly, I explored various healing modalities, read books, and tried all sorts of things. And I still do. Because you can tell people, ‘Hey, go and eat more raw food, it’s good for you!’, but if you have no idea what it can do to the body, mind, and spirit, you cannot give well-considered advice and/or proper guidance, in my opinion.
So, over the years, I’ve followed various courses, attended training, and read more books…

Because I enjoyed all those delicious juices so much, I once ordered a book called ‘Fresh vegetable and fruit juices – what’s missing in your body’ by Dr. Norman W. Walker. I thought: nice; more info on juice! However, to my surprise, this book was much more than that. It seemed like a masterclass on healthy living. I was hooked! What knowledge. What wisdom. I ordered all his books. They are little gems to me.

Norman W. Walker pioneered the raw food diet. He also invented the juicer, The Norwalk Juicer. To this day, this juicer is one of the best of its kind.
I wanted to be trained by this man and find out everything he had discovered. I thought: I buy a ticket, fly to wherever he lives to learn from him. Unfortunately, Dr. Norman W. Walker has been gone from this earth for quite some time. So that was not an option. However, his books motivated me to discover and learn more about health and healing.

Detoxification always kept pulling my attention. I regularly searched the internet, hoping to find someone who had specialized in detoxification. At some point, I discovered Dr. Robert Morse. Since 1975, this remarkable guy has been committed to helping people and animals to regain their health. His thesis is that health is simple when you understand why health is reduced or lost. Dr. Robert Morse has helped thousands of people worldwide detoxify and regenerate their bodies. His specialization is in naturopathy, cellular detoxification, and clinical iridology.

Lucky for me, Dr. Robert Morse trains people in these areas. Since the moment I discovered this sweet man, I have been eager to go and learn from him. I am honored that Dr. Robert Morse trained me in cellular detoxification and iridology. For which I am forever thankful.

Over the years, after exploring and trying all sorts of diets and healing modalities, I have concluded that a (high) raw fruit and plant food diet is best for us. Living foods provide our body, soul, and spirit with incredible health benefits. It also allows for the body to work its natural detoxification process as intended by the Creator.

As a nutritionist and health lover, one of my passions is to inspire people to include more raw fruit and plant food in their daily diet. I love to share the knowledge I have gained because I want to see as many people as possible unlock the path to vibrant health. I want to see a world full of healthy, radiant people. My hope and prayer are that you will be one of them.

(I know… I know… My name always gets butchered, but it is pronounced as Miriam)