One of the top questions I get asked is what juicer I own and which one I recommend getting, especially when you’re just starting out.
Nowadays, there are amazing juicers on the market. When I started juicing over 20+ years ago, the price difference between a slow juicer and a centrifugal one was huge. So, when I started out back in the day, I first bought a centrifugal one.

Once it was time to get a new one, the juicer world had greatly evolved (hooray!). Today, I would always go for a slow juicer because nowadays they are affordable, provide higher nutrient-dense juice, and have a greater juice yield.

I am of the opinion that if you are serious about your health it’s best to invest in tools that support your healthy lifestyle in the best way possible.

The essentials

Personally, I think a food processor, blender, dehydrator, and juicer are the four essentials to get your hands on because they make your life so much easier and truly assist you in your journey to vibrant health. But if I had to choose which one to begin first, my answer is a juicer. Simply, because there is no better way to fuel your cells with so many nutrients in a day than juices do.
Incorporating daily fresh pressed juices has been one of the best decisions I have made. And I would love for every other household to own a juicer and use it daily too!

Incredible juicers

Enjoying daily juices in combination with a balanced (high) raw fruit and plant food diet will flood your body with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and enzymes.
As said before, I’d recommend getting your hands on a slow juicer, because it has many benefits over a centrifugal juicer, such as more juice, more nutrients, and less oxidation.
I am fond of a few juicers available on the market and I own the following juicers:

  • Hurom H320N
  • Nama J2
  • Vitality 5800 (Nama J1)

Hurom H320N

Since 1974, Hurom has been the lifestyle leader and global pioneer in its field. Hurom was the first to manufacture a horizontal juicer, which revolutionized the juicing market completely. Hurom’s founder had a mission in mind to promote healthy lifestyles by making appliances that help people eat more nutritious whole foods. That mission has been very successful.

I love the Hurom H320N for a number of reasons:

  • nutrient-dense juice
  • amazingly dry pulp
  • high juice yield
  • great on-and-off switch
  • easy to clean
  • handsfree juicing
  • I adore the color (dark green)
  • ice cream strainer option available

Nama J2

I first will share my thoughts on the Nama J2 because this juicer looks similar to the Hurom H320N. I like that the handle of the hopper is situated on the front side because it makes it slightly easier to assemble, but I find the Hurom a bit easier to clean. When it comes to juice yield and quality of the juice I do not experience any difference. Just like the H320N, there is also an ice cream strainer available for the Nama J2!

Nama has partnered with Hurom to develop their juicers. so it is no wonder that they look similar in appearance and offer similar results.

Both juicers are great. It is simply a matter of personal preference. One will love the model of the Hurom H320N the best or the colors they offer and someone else will be smitten by Nama. Bottomline; both juicers are excellent and no matter which one you’ll get, you won’t regret it.

Vitality 5800 (Nama J1)

The Nama Vitality 5800 is a great juicer too. It is a cheaper option because it doesn’t offer hands-free juicing. I bought this one before the Hurom H320N and Nama J2 were on the market. It was definitely an upgrade from my previous juicers, however, I’d recommend investing in a handsfree juicer, like the Hurom H320N or Nama J2, simply because it saves you quite some time and it’s much easier to use.

Which one do I recommend?

Personally, I cannot choose between Hurom and Nama because I truly love both brands so much. If you are planning to start juicing daily, I’d recommend going either for the Hurom H320N or the Nama J2. These two juicers are simply amazing.
From personal experience, I’ve concluded that getting a Hurom is more economical for European citizens. Hurom offers free shipping for orders above €50 and is available within most of Europe. And you don’t have to deal with import fees and taxes either. I am not sure how import fees and taxes work in the UK. For people in America, Canada, Asia, and Australia, Nama is probably the better choice moneywise.

No matter what juicer fits you best, you can take 10% off with code rawfoodfeast for either brand.