To gain and maintain vibrant health, we need to understand that the body works together as a whole. Charlotte Gerson, founder of the Gerson Institute and a remarkable lady, said it best, “When you truly heal, it is impossible to heal selectively.” That is the truth right there, but the question remains, how does healing take place?

True healing

All sorts of external elements are thought to heal the body, for example, raw fruit and plant food. Living foods definitely provide the body with the most energy to heal. Water-rich fruits, like melons and berries, are the highest energetic food available on the planet and assist the healing process wonderfully. Living food also provides excellent nutrition to support the body during the healing process. An overload of cooked food, on the other hand, drains the body of energy. Even though raw fruit and plant food are incredible and you need these powerhouses desperately in your day-to-day, it is always the body that does the healing. And it is up to us to support the body in the healing process the best we can.

You might discover that your lungs aren’t working optimally and you decide to embark on a healing journey to detoxify and regenerate your lungs. And as you start this wonderful journey all of a sudden you notice that your body is working on all sorts of other things and it might not seem your lungs are getting that much desired healing. As mentioned before, Charlotte Gerson said, “When you truly heal, it is impossible to heal selectively.” The truth is, when the body heals, it heals everything. We cannot outsmart the body and think we know how and in what order it needs to heal. Our body is so incredibly wise and knows exactly what it needs to do and in what order to restore itself to vibrant health. You’ll see that if you are patient and facilitate your body with its needs and remove unwanted and unhealthy elements, that you assist your body in its natural capability of true healing. That means healing on a cellular level.

The three most important factors that assist in healing the body in the best way possible are quality raw food nutrition, adequate rest and sleep, and regular exercise. Other factors, such as pure air, a light heart, sufficient sunlight, healthy relationships, clean water, and emotional balance, also play their part.

The three most important factors that assist in healing the body in the best way possible are quality raw food nutrition, adequate rest and sleep, and regular exercise.

The highway

It never gets old hearing that someone was bedridden because of sickness, then discovered the truth about health, committed to eating raw fruit and plant food, and now is walking and jumping again.

I love those stories too.

What I love even more, though, are the stories of people who decided to embrace a healthy lifestyle before things went down. People who realized in time that vibrant health is true wealth.

You are created to thrive. You are made to experience this life on this wonderful planet full of zest, joy, and vibrant health. You have been given an abundance of fruit and plant food that bless your cells in the best way possible. Food that assists your body to cleanse, alkalize, and be energized day in and day out.

My hope and prayer for you are that you will choose to live preventatively and give your body what it truly needs. It’s hardly ever too late to turn the wheel. Today is a perfect day for change. Vibrant health is just a step away.

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Love and vibrant health to you,


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